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The ribbed skirt cut is confirmed as a timeless classic of the female wardrobe, capable of never going out of fashion thanks to its casual but refined design. When this cornerstone of style is reinterpreted in absolutely excellent materials, it becomes a passe-partout for the entire season.


This is the case of the skirts made by Kuxò in a very fine Egyptian cotton grown directly in Egypt. The fibers of this precious Egyptian cotton are characterized by their length, softness and long-lasting resistance over time. Woven in ribs, these skirts are fresh to wear and softened after numerous washes, maintaining elasticity and movement thanks to the innate qualities of cotton.


Being a natural, resistant and at the same time breathable fabric, Kuxò’s Egyptian cotton is the ideal alternative for summer days, providing comfort, lightness and timeless elegance. The ribbed skirt in this quality of natural material is confirmed as a timeless passe-partout, capable of satisfying even the most refined tastes.


Ribbed skirt: From the origins to today

The ribbed skirt has very ancient origins. It is commonly believed that the first ribbed skirts date back to the Middle Ages, when this item of clothing was very popular among the peasant population for its practicality and versatility. Made of wool or linen, the first ribbed skirts were characterized by a horizontal striped structure obtained through the typical pressing, a weaving technique that allows obtaining an elasticized fabric.


During the 16th century, the ribbed skirt became a popular item of clothing even among the wealthier classes, but it maintained its practical and comfortable soul. The fabrics of choice were still wool and linen, sometimes embellished with gold or silver thread decorations. The turning point came in the 19th century, when the ribbed skirt, now a transversal item of clothing, was increasingly made of cotton, a natural, resistant, practical and economical fabric. The main textile innovations that led to the spread of the ribbed cotton skirt were the development of new spinning mills and mechanical looms, capable of producing increasingly thinner and more resistant yarns.


These developments made it possible to obtain elastic fabrics that were lighter and softer than ever before, suitable for garments such as the ribbed skirt, which benefited greatly in terms of comfort. A further step forward was made thanks to the discovery of special glues for fabrics, which allowed the development of ironed finishes with long-lasting brightness, a prelude to today’s synthetic fabrics. All these innovations have made the ribbed cotton skirt finally accessible to ever larger segments of the population. Textile innovations allow for increasingly lighter and softer ribbed fabrics.


From the twentieth century to the present day, the ribbed skirt remains an evergreen garment, suitable for every season and occasion. Modernized in fabrics and shapes, it offers classic models or with fun details, in line with current trends. Made mainly of cotton, but also in synthetic fabrics, wool or mixed fabrics, the ribbed skirt remains a practical, casual but also elegant garment, suitable for all women. The simple yet refined lines of the cotton skirt make it timeless and suitable for different age groups.


Cotton skirt: Comfort and style with Egyptian cotton

The short or midi cotton skirt has always been an evergreen item in the female wardrobe, capable of perfectly combining comfort and light style for the summer. Among the different varieties of cotton, Egyptian cotton stands out for its fine natural textile qualities.


Mainly grown along the Nile, Egyptian cotton is characterized by its particularly long, thin and resistant fibers. These peculiarities give the yarn a velvety appearance and a lasting softness that remains even after numerous washes. Made with 100% Egyptian cotton yarns, the skirts are able to combine long-lasting comfort with a flexible and enveloping line.


In addition to skirts, Egyptian cotton is also suitable for the creation of basic garments such as Egyptian cotton T-shirtsummer. The thin fibers and the resulting dense weave of Egyptian cotton make it perfect even for simple and basic garments such as tank tops, shirts and t-shirts. The quality of this cotton is in fact able to guarantee breathability and comfort even when the fabrics are worked in a basic and without ornaments way.


Given its versatility, Egyptian cotton is therefore suitable for the creation of essential garments but also knitwear, beachwear and summer underwear, sectors in which it is increasingly used precisely for its excellent textile performance even for simple and everyday garments. For all these qualities, Egyptian cotton is the ideal choice for your suitcase essentials and to face summer days with style and sensuality.


Extremely light but resistant, they give a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin. For all these qualities, Egyptian cotton is the ideal choice for your suitcase essentials and to face summer days with style and sensuality.


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