Puro cashmere

Pure cashmere is considered one of the most valuable materials for clothing, both for men and women.

Derived from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, it is a natural yarn with exceptional properties. Cashmere is in fact soft, light and warm without equal, as well as excellent skin breathability.


To preserve these intrinsic qualities over time, pure cashmere is subjected to rigorous classification and calibration systems. The parameters of filament diameter, fleece length and uniformity of the blend allow us to establish the quality category, from A to E. Only A, B and C, with fibres within 28-32mm, can guarantee the typical characteristics even in garments such as the cashmere sweater woman, subjected to continuous washing.

Knowing these specifications in detail allows us to make informed purchases, ensuring garments that can maintain the exceptional comfort qualities of pure cashmere unaltered over time. The checks carried out by certified bodies therefore represent fundamental elements for recognising and selecting the most valuable yarns.


Understanding classification and calibration is what allows you to fully grasp the value of pure cashmere, a natural fiber that is a symbol of excellence in the world of high-end clothing.


Pure cashmere: The classification and calibration systems of cashmere yarn

Pure cashmere is a fine natural fiber obtained from the hair of the cashmere goat, endemic to the mountainous regions of Central Asia. To ensure the quality and value of cashmere yarn, classification and calibration systems have been developed over time.


The fundamental parameters for classifying cashmere are the diameter of the filament and the median length of the pile. As for the diameter, the fibers are mixed into categories ranging from A, the finest, to H, the thickest. Only categories A, B and C can be considered pure cashmere, suitable for the production of cashmere sweaters for women with high comfort and softness.


For the length, the ratio between the short and long fibres present in a given batch is taken into account: the ideal percentages are indicated between 28-32mm. This guarantees optimal processing of the yarn which can be combed and rolled into uniform bobbins.


Further parameters concern the uniformity of the diameter of the sample fibres and the absence of knots, impurities or defects. Only by exceeding such high quality standards can the yarn be defined as pure cashmere. The controls and certification of the blends are carried out by third-party bodies, through optical and electronic microscopy.


These rigorous classification and calibration systems allow us to select and enhance the highest quality cashmere, suitable for creating soft and warm tailored garments that last over time. In fact, only pure cashmere is able to ensure the typical performance that has made women’s cashmere sweaters an evergreen item in the female wardrobe.


Pure cashmere sweater: The characteristics of yarns in relation to calibration

Pure cashmere is processed using yarns with very specific characteristics, strictly related to the calibration performed.


The finest diameter yarns, generally belonging to category A, are extremely soft to the touch and light. They are suitable for creating

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