Maglioni in puro cashmere

The pure cashmere sweaters can be considered true works of art, being the result of complex processing techniques both traditional and modern. Production begins with the sourcing and spinning of fine cashmere goat fleece. This undergoes spinning, combing and delicate spinning to obtain the highest quality yarns. This is followed by dyeing preparations and the confidential twisting stage.


In knitting, which has always been done by hand but today also with modern assisted techniques, the mastery of the craftsmen comes into play. These, with patience and passion, bring to life sophisticated round-knit projects, enriched by countless ancillary workings such as ribs, needles, knots and sartorial finishes.


The end result is magnificent pure cashmere sweaters, characterized by refined patterns, elegant details and perfect fit to the figure. Durable garments that express all the softness and lightness of this precious yarn.


Knowing the technical specifications involved in making a sweater from pure cashmere wool helps you appreciate its craftsmanship excellence even more. Gaining such awareness allows for thoughtful, sought-after and long-lasting purchases.


Pure Cashmere Sweaters: Traditional Knitting Techniques

Pure cashmere sweaters represent one of the excellences of the craft of knitting. Cashmere knitting is an activity rooted in centuries of tradition, handed down from generation to generation by the most skilled artisans.


The cashmere used comes exclusively from the fleece of the cashmere goat, raised mainly on the steppes of Central Asia. The fleece is combed and carded by hand to separate the finest and most valuable fibers, the only ones suitable for the production of pure cashmere sweaters.


Once harvested, the cashmere is spun traditionally at the spinning wheel, resulting in the lightest and softest yarns, characterized by an average diameter of 15-19 microns. The yarns are then rolled into cocoons and dyed only with non-toxic natural dyes.


At the knitting stage, the skilled hands of artisans weave the yarns using the round knitting technique, the method most likely to enhance the natural qualities of cashmere and allow the yarn to “breathe.” Particular care is taken in the execution of ribs, needles, knots and finishing, to obtain pure cashmere sweaters with the perfect fit.


Pure cashmere sweaters and the women’s cashmere sweaters that result are long-lasting garments that are delicate and comfortable against the skin, thanks to the exceptional thermo-regulating power of the cashmere fiber. They represent an excellence of the world’s traditional craftsmanship, a guarantee of quality, comfort and timeless style.


Pure Cashmere Knitwear: Modern Technologies and Creative Knitwear

While traditional techniques remain indispensable for the production of excellent pure cashmere sweaters, modern technologies have brought interesting innovations in high-quality knitwear.


Thanks to new automated equipment, it is now possible to obtain cashmere yarns with an absolutely homogeneous diameter throughout the skein, a factor that ensures flawless knitting. In addition, computerized dyeing machinery makes the colors bright and durable.


In the processing stage, theuse of special circular irons and knitting-bearing machines enable the creation of elaborate relief designs and the execution of complex moldings, such as those required by contemporary creative knitting.


The latter ranges from traditional pure cashmere sweaters to experimental garments featuring, for example, women’s cashmere inserts or men’s cashmere sweater with patches in fine fabrics. Top collections also include unisex garments with innovative designs.


Through the combination of ancient and modern techniques, the company guarantees cashmere knit garments of the highest workmanship, perfectly blending excellent craftsmanship with the potential of advanced design.


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