Pregiato cotone egiziano

Egyptian cotton is a textile fiber renowned for its high quality performance. Cultivated since ancient Egypt in the fertile valleys of the Nile, this prized cotton is distinguished by its unique composition and intrinsic properties.


Its short, fine fibers give the resulting products softness, breathability and prolonged comfort. Thanks to its exceptional ability to absorb and transfer moisture, “Precious Egyptian Cotton” maintains a thermoregulating microclimate on the skin, resulting in coolness even on hot days.


Such special technical qualities make Egyptian cotton a particularly suitable fiber for making garments such as sweaters, shirts and pants suitable for the spring/summer collection. Products such as shirts made of fine Egyptian cotton prove to be lightweight, breathable and durable garments capable of enveloping the body in natural comfort throughout the day.


Their soft but not tight fit makes them versatile for both men’s and women’s audiences, suitable for a casual but sophisticated style. Because of these inherent qualities, Egyptian cotton proves to be an excellent fiber for making cool and comfortable garments suitable for the spring and summer seasons.


Precious Egyptian Cotton: Softness and Freshness Suitable for Spring

Egyptian cotton is a fine textile fiber known for its inherent qualities of softness and freshness. This variety of cotton is grown in the fertile valleys of the Nile, where the warm-humid climate and alluvial lands allow the plant to grow luxuriantly. Its short, thin fibers are characterized by a low modulus of elasticity that gives the fabric lightness and drape. With excellent moisture retention, “Fine Egyptian Cotton” keeps the skin dry, breathable and cool even on the sultriest of days.


Such properties make it particularly suitable for making garments such as women’s cotton jerseys, perfect for mid-seasons. The jerseys, made from 100 percent Egyptian carmine cotton yarns, wrap the body softly and snugly without weighing it down. The subtle ribbed pattern gives a delicate striped effect that enhances its lightness. Each knit is made and finished by hand to ensure the utmost attention to detail. The result is a cool, comfortable and durable garment suitable for both mid-season and warmer spring days.


Thanks to its peculiar intrinsic characteristics, fine Egyptian cotton proves to be an ideal natural fiber for making garments such as “Women’s Cotton Jerseys,” capable of ensuring well-being and comfort on spring days.


Precious Egyptian cotton that gives practical and comfortable garments

Egyptian cotton is a fine natural fiber renowned for its peculiar intrinsic characteristics of softness and breathability.


Cultivated in the fertile lands of the Nile, this cotton is distinguished by short, fine fibers that give fabrics lightness and comfort. The low modulus of elasticity of “Fine Egyptian Cotton” allows for garments with a snug but not tight fit. Due to its excellent moisture absorption and transfer capacity, it keeps the skin dry even on the sultriest days.


Such qualities make it the ideal material for making garments such as the men’s summer jerseys. Made entirely of Egyptian cotton yarn, these jerseys are cool and breathable. The minimal ribbed pattern ensures a pleasant lightweight feel on the skin. Each garment is produced and finished by hand to ensure the utmost attention to detail.


Thanks to their technical characteristics, fine Egyptian cotton jerseys prove to be perfect garments for the summer season, practical to wear both for dynamic activities and for days spent relaxing. Their natural comfort makes them a functional and trendy garment, suitable for a male audience with an informal but sophisticated style.


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