Maglia cashmere leggera

The lightweight cashmere sweater proves to be an ideal choice for coping with the variable temperatures of the spring season.


Weighing only 130 g/m2, the women’s cashmere sweater lightweight provides excellent thermal comfort during the still cool evenings, keeping you warm without weighing you down. Cashmere fiber in fact provides excellent thermal insulating capacity, retaining body heat even with thin and light structures like this one.


At the same time, the sunny days of spring allow for warmth from the sun’s tepid rays.Under these circumstances, the lightweight cashmere knit is the ideal choice, breathable and never oppressive. Comfortable to wear for long periods, these sweaters are perfectly suited to accompany casual and more sophisticated looks, proving versatile to be worn on multiple occasions, both day and evening.


Above all, thanks to its fluid and loose fit, the lightweight cashmere sweater knows how to enhance every physique and age, thus making it a transversal garment suitable for any style and mood. Its use therefore knows no limits or distinctions, ensuring only comfort and a feeling of well-being.


Lightweight cashmere knit: softness and lightness, perfect for spring

The lightweight cashmere knit turns out to be a perfect garment for spring thanks to its structural peculiarities and material properties.


The cashmere used for these sweaters is of the highest quality, sourced from Central Asian cashmere goats fed exclusively on grass and plants.The yarns are round, fine and knot-free, with a diameter between 13-15 microns, woven with a very dense weave that makes the fabric extremely soft to the touch.


Due to the excellent texture of these cashmere yarns, the sweaters are lightweight, weighing only 120-150 g/m2, while maintaining excellent thermal capacity as the air trapped between the fibers maintains body heat. This thin and dense structure makes the lightweight cashmere knit perfect for spring half seasons, as it keeps you warm without weighing you down.


Further distinguishing feature is the tight but not tight fit guaranteed by the stretch fabric, which can wrap around the body giving comfort. The pure cashmere sweaters fit every figure without being tight.


In addition, the cashmere used for this lightweight knit was carefully selected to prioritize a natural appearance of the fleece rather than perfect uniformity of color in order to enhance the original aesthetic of the fine material and its lived-in appearance.


The softness, lightness and excellent thermal properties of the lightweight cashmere knit, combined with the perfect fit, make it the ideal garment to wear in the climatic versatility of spring.

Lightweight cashmere knit: the elegance of cashmere even in spring

The elegance and refinement of cashmere can also be appreciated in the spring season thanks to the lightweight cashmere knit.


Made from pure cashmere yarns with a high thickness of 15 microns, the knit has a weight of only 130 g/m2, making it extremely light and comfortable to wear when temperatures start to rise. Despite the thin thread structure, the fabric retains its excellent thermal properties due to its high ability to retain the user’s body heat.


The dense and regular weave with which cashmere is woven gives the knit a velvety soft-touch appearance, revealing all the elegance and quality of this fine fiber. The pure cashmere yarns used come exclusively from the undercoat of Asian cashmere goats and are free of impurities.


The loose but not tight fit of the Lightweight Cashmere Knit fits every physique giving only a pleasant silky contact on the skin. This characteristic, combined with the remarkable thermal capacity that allows it to maintain a constant body temperature without weighing down, makes this garment ideal to wear during the spring mid-seasons, combining sophistication, comfort and elegance.

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