Come indossare una stola di cashmere

With the arrival of spring and milder temperatures, the cashmere stole returns to being one of the most versatile accessories in the style choices of men and women.


A cross-cutting garment suitable for all seasons, in spring the cashmere stole finds a wide use thanks to its ability to adapt to different contexts and looks, providing the right warmth in the cooler hours and freshness when the thermometer rises.


Made with the fine cashmere yarn with excellent thermal properties, the scarf is in fact light and breathable , able to ensure warmth without weighing you down. Precisely these intrinsic qualities make the stole the ideal accessory to combine with spring garments such as shirts, cardigans, blazers and lighter jackets.


How to wear a cashmere stole? Responding to the need of many to make this garment practical and in step with the times, it is possible to roll the scarf around the neck in soft coils or let it fall with natural elegance on the shoulders, framing the face or partially wrapping the torso. How to wear a cashmere stole, therefore, remains a current question and fashion offers solutions suitable for every occasion.


Cashmere stole for winter outfits

The cashmere stole represents an evergreen and irreplaceable garment to best face the winter months. Cashmere is a fine wool produced by the cashmere goat, widespread in Central Asia. It is a fiber with exceptional thermal properties: it is warm, soft and at the same time light. Cashmere is able to guarantee excellent thermoregulation, keeping the body warm without weighing it down.


Cashmere stoles are characterized by their lightness and ability to wrap and warm the neck, shoulders and torso without oppressing. Cashmere guarantees warmth but also breathability, allowing the skin to breathe. The stole allows you to add a touch of warmth and at the same time style to any winter look, from formal to casual clothing.


How to wear a cashmere stole? More than a simple “shawl”, the stole requires harmonious draping around the neck and along the torso. It should be positioned by letting the ends fall symmetrically at the front and back, framing the face or the upper part of the body.


Currently, regenerated cashmere is increasingly used, obtained through sustainable fiber recycling processes. This new yarn allows to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry, exploiting the exceptional properties of cashmere in an eco-responsible way. The cashmere stole, thanks to its intrinsic qualities, is therefore a strategic item to best face the cold months while respecting the environment.

How to wear a cashmere stole: an evergreen accessory for the mid-seasons

The cashmere stole confirms itself as an evergreen accessory and strategic to face the mid-seasons with style and comfort.


Equipped with exceptional thermoregulatory properties, this scarf allows you to add warmth or freshness to your look depending on your needs, whether it is to mitigate the first drops in autumn temperatures in the mornings and evenings, or to tone down the warmth of the mildest spring days.


The cashmere used to make stoles is usually of excellent quality. Often, best italian’cashmere is used, produced in the regions of central Italy with traditional techniques. This fine wool is distinguished by softness, resistance and high resistance to wear over time.


To make the most of this accessory’s potential, you can pair the cashmere stole with both light sweaters and pullovers, as well as blazers and jackets in more sophisticated fabrics for the day. In the evening, it is elegant to pair it with warmer sheath dresses and “women’s cashmere sweaters”.


So, how do you wear a garment of this caliber? For example, wrapping it naturally around your neck and letting it fall nonchalantly along your torso, leaving the ends free to move. In this way, you can show off the precious fabric with refined nonchalance wherever you want a touch of class. The womens cashmere sweaters pair perfectly with this piece to complete a sophisticated day or evening outfit.



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