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Flared trousers have always been an evergreen and trendy model, suitable for multiple occasions of use and combinations.


The loose and soft cut of flared trousers makes it easy to combine them with garments of the most varied shapes and fabrics, from shirts to sweaters, jackets and skirts, making them extremely versatile in styling and occasions of use. From work to leisure, from evening events to daytime ones, this model guarantees comfort and practicality while remaining sophisticated and trendy.


Especially in the spring and summer seasons, it is important to choose fabrics that can ensure the right breathability at high temperatures. Materials such as Egyptian cotton or cashmere cotton, if of quality like that produced by Kuxò, are perfect because they are light, soft and breathable thanks to their intrinsic characteristics. Egyptian cotton, for example, is prized for its high resistance to wear and its ability to dry quickly, while Kuxò cashmere cotton combines the comfort of cotton with the shine of cashmere.


Opting for flared trousers made with these comfortable fabrics allows you to fully appreciate the model, providing relief and freshness even on the hottest days of the summer.


Flared trousers: characteristics and variations of this traditional model

Flared trousers are a traditional model of trousers, characterised by a wide and soft silhouette in the lower part. Flared trousers are characterised by legs with a flared shape towards the bottom, which give the garment a soft and wide cut in the calf and foot area. This particular type of cut was one of the typical characteristics of work trousers created to be comfortable and practical, such as work jeans. However, over the years, flares have also been adopted in more formal and elegant fashion, becoming a popular style even for formal and office trousers.


Flaring can be of different sizes and shapes, depending on the model: they range from trousers with light flaring on the hips, to models with particularly pronounced flares that give the garment a wide and highlighted silhouette. Even the upper part of the leg can have flaring or not, more or less important, to give greater softness and elasticity to the fabric.


Among the types of fabric most used for the creation of flared trousers are cotton, linen and wool. In the specific case of cotton, a natural, breathable, resistant and durable fabric, women’s cotton trousers are produced both with a classic fit and with a more flared and soft cut, suitable for being worn every day for work or leisure. Cotton also adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, making it very comfortable.


Flared trousers are suitable for wearing on many occasions, both formal and informal. Their soft and comfortable cut makes them suitable for being worn every day, but thanks to the many fabric and color variations they can also be chosen for more elegant occasions.

Women’s flared trousers: which fabric to choose for spring/summer

For the spring and summer seasons, when temperatures become milder, flared trousers are an excellent alternative to tighter and more fitted models, thanks to their soft and comfortable cut.


The choice of fabric is a determining factor in being able to fully appreciate this garment even on the hottest days. It is preferable to opt for natural, breathable and light materials that do not let the skin sweat.


Among the most suitable fabrics for making flared trousers during the summer season there is undoubtedly the precious egyptian cotton, a very high quality cotton that ensures comfort, breathability and high resistance to wear over time. Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, Egyptian cotton dries quickly, does not stain, does not fade and allows the skin to breathe optimally even when temperatures get warmer.


Other suitable fabrics are linen and some qualities of synthetic fibres such as lyocell and tencel, light, natural or origin materialsand natural like cellulose, capable of perfectly absorbing body moisture, allowing the skin to dry easily.


Necklines, slits and flared details characterize these spring and summer models, which are extremely versatile to combine with light shirts and tops, for comfortable but also trendy outfits, perfect to wear from the city to the beach.

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