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The cashmere tank top is one of the cornerstones of the spring-summer wardrobe as it guarantees freshness, comfort and versatility.


Made of Cashmere Tank Top, the cashmere tank top is extremely light while ensuring a pleasant sensation of warmth on the body. This is because cashmere is a natural fibre with extraordinary thermoregulatory properties: breathable and able to quickly wick moisture away from the body, it keeps the skin dry and comfortable even on the hottest days.


Thanks to its light weight, the cashmere tank top gives a feeling of freshness and does not weigh down movement. This makes it suitable for prolonged use throughout the summer. The best Italian cashmere it is made of, combined with over a century-old manufacturing care handed down from generation to generation, ensure lightness, softness and durability over time.


Versatile like few other garments, the cashmere tank top can be paired with skirts and trousers for formal outfits as well as with shorts and jeans for casual outfits. It is therefore suitable for accompanying summer days both in the city and on holiday. Its essential design allows it to adapt perfectly to every body type.


The cashmere tank top is the ideal garment for facing the hot season with style, comfort and adaptability to different circumstances.


Cashmere tank top: when and why to wear it

The cashmere fabric it is made of is particularly valuable, being a textile fiber obtained from the fleece of goats, in particular the cashmere goat. It is an extremely soft and warm material, despite having a very low weight. Cashmere is able to transport moisture to the outside, always keeping the skin dry. It is also hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritation.


The cashmere tank top can be worn both as underwear during the colder months, and as outerwear in autumn and spring. Thanks to its thermal characteristics, cashmere fabric allows you to maintain a constant body temperature even when the weather conditions are not excessively rigid. Compared to other synthetic or natural fibers, cashmere has the ability to insulate from the cold despite having a low weight; this makes the cashmere tank top a perfect garment to wear layered with other heavier garments, or as a single garment when temperatures are mild.


Furthermore, the cashmere fabric is extremely durable over time: garments in this material maintain their performance and aesthetic appearance unaltered even after numerous washes and seasons of use. This characteristic makes them a long-term investment, capable of accompanying you over the years thanks to its high resistance and durability.


The cashmere tank top proves to be a versatile garment for the mid-season or as thermal underwear, thanks to the extraordinary properties of the cashmere fabric it is made of, capable of ensuring warmth, softness, breathability and long-lasting durability.


Women’s cashmere tank top: comfort and performance guaranteed by the yarn

The women’s cashmere tank top is able to ensure exceptional comfort and performance thanks to the characteristics of the yarn used to make it.


Cashmere is a natural textile fiber of the highest quality, obtained from the fleece of the cashmere goat. The cashmere tank top stands out for its softness, warmth and breathability, properties due to the microscopic structure of the scales that compose it. However, the production and extraction of virgin cashmere have a strong environmental impact.


For this reason, many manufacturers are increasingly using regenerated cashmere, a yarn obtained from the recycling of already processed cashmere. After recovery, the fibers are regenerated through a molecular restructuring process that restores their original physical and sensorial characteristics. It is indistinguishable from virgin cashmere, but with a significantly lower ecological footprint.


Women’s tank tops made with regenerated cashmere ensure incredible sensations of comfort and well-being to the skin. Thanks to the exceptional breathability and thermoregulation of the yarn, they keep the body at a constant temperature you by eliminating excess moisture. The material maintains softness and fluffiness even after many washes, adapting perfectly to the natural shape of the body.


Furthermore, the regenerated cashmere guarantees excellent thermal performance, insulating from the cold more than normal synthetic fibers but with minimal weight. All these features make the women’s cashmere tank top a comfortable and elegant garment, suitable both as thermal underwear and as an outer garment all year round.

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