Sciarpa cashmere

The soft cashmere scarf represents perhaps the ultimate winter accessory, combining warmth, comfort and style with elegant simplicity.

Thanks to the fine thermal properties and exceptional tactile softness of this precious natural fiber, the cashmere scarf fully fulfills its primary function of protecting the neck and face from low temperatures.


But it is also a detail that does not go unnoticed, capable of enhancing the entire look with refined nonchalance. It adapts with ease to outfits with a casual character such as urban and sporty ones, as well as goes harmoniously with more formal and sophisticated outfits.


Thanks to its absolute versatility of pairing and timeless appeal, the cashmere scarf can be considered an authentic seasonal passepartout, an ideal companion to complete every winter outfit with grace and personality. Endowed with comfort and lightness unmatched by other materials, it allows you to fully appreciate the very soft tactile sensations guaranteed by this fine fiber. Smooth or perforated workings and basic colors are also nonchalantly combined with bolder looks characterized by patterns and contrasts. The cashmere scarf thus becomes a detail capable of enhancing any outfit with refined simplicity.


Cashmere scarf: how to choose the scarf according to style and occasion

Choosing a cashmere scarf depends on multiple factors, such as personal style, usage and occasions of use. For a classic and elegant look basic styles in camel, beige and gray tones will be preferred, also in regenerated cashmere of high quality. Smooth knits are suitable for both work settings and more formal evenings.


For a romantic, bohemian style, however, one will opt for scarves with delicate patterns, such as those with floral or geometric prints. Braided or inlaid patterns are also indicated. Pastel colors such as antique pink and mint green turn out perfect during the day as well as in the evening.


Young sportswear lovers, on the other hand, will be able to devote themselves to oversize models in bright tones, such as red, navy blue or petrol green. Suitable for completing sporty or daily outfits.


The versatility of cashmere allows you to adapt your choice to the climate. Lightweight versions are ideal in autumn, while thicker, wrap-around versions are perfect for winter. The cashmere scarf thus proves to be an across-the-board accessory, sure to complete any look in style.


Cashmere scarf: accessories and looks to match in style

The cashmere scarf is an evergreen item that is well suited to complete looks with class and elegance. To enhance its sophistication, it can be paired, where appropriate, with coordinating accessories made from the same precious material. In fact, hats, gloves and boleros in soft cashmere create a pleasant effect of chromatic and tactile continuity.


More urban and informal looks are instead paired with tailored coats, structured bags and flat shoes or ankle boots. For urban jogging, ideal pairings range between light trench coats, sneakers and sporty shopping bags.


Lovers of a more romantic style will be able to complete the outfit with longuette skirts, mid-heel boots and woven mini bags. For elegant evenings they will go for masculine-cut blazers, pumps and precious clutches.


Playing with color contrasts you can also enrich the look with color block accessories, such as a red hat paired with a navy blue scarf. The versatility of cashmere allows for a thousand style interactions to best express one’s personality. By playing with color contrasts, patterns and workmanship, it is possible to give free rein to one’s creativity. In addition, keeping the cashmere scarf constant as the common thread of every look ensures a pleasant effect of continuity and consistency in the overall style. Choosing coordinating cashmere accessories also allows you to fully appreciate the fine tactile qualities of this precious natural fabric.



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