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For centuries, Italian cashmere has been an icon of Italian fashion and style around the world. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages, when the first precious fibers arrived from the Himalayas along the Silk Road. Since then, in Italy, craftsmanship excellence in the processing of this natural velvet has taken shape.


Over the centuries, cashmere has established itself as a symbol of refined elegance but without ostentation. Garments crafted by the mastery of Italian workshops encapsulate timeless quality and comfort. A timeless appeal that makes them protagonists of every season’s wardrobes.


Sweaters, skirts and coats in cashmere are a passepartout for the style with which to face everyday life. Their soft touch gives an extra quid to even the most casual outfits, making them refined yet practical. Similarly, they are the ideal choice to discreetly complete elegant and formal outfits.


From church weddings to aperitifs with friends, from work to smartworking, Italian cashmere remains a privileged companion for living every moment with comfort and a note of timeless taste. An ‘icon with no boundaries of gender or age for a sophisticated yet versatile style to prove every need.


Italian cashmere: a centuries-old tradition

Cashmere workmanship in Italy boasts a deeply rooted centuries-old tradition, which traces its origins back to medieval times.


As early as the 13th century, with the opening of the first overland trade routes attributable to the Silk Road, historical sources attest to the arrival of the prized himalayan fibers in the country. The main ports of call along the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian coasts acted as sorting hubs for the raw cashmere imported from Central Asia to the manufacturing districts of northern Italy, where even then textile workers skilled in the ennobling of the fleece were consolidated.


It follows that the best Italian cashmere trhas a centuries-old tradition in the processing of this fiber, during which it has earned a reputation for unparalleled quality and thermal properties. Even today, the spinning, weaving and packaging techniques employed in the tricolor workshops benefit from the centuries-old heritage of knowledge, from which springs the excellence that distinguishes the 100% made in Italy artifacts appreciated worldwide.


Cashmere Italia: heritage of accessible luxury

The garments made of cashmere Italia represent a heritage of accessible luxury, making them suitable for composing versatile outfits for any occasion. Studies on trends in the textile industry show how manufactures of pure Himalayan wool made in Italy, while belonging to a premium niche for their intrinsic characteristics of naturalness and comfort, know how to conjugate the elegance of made in Italy with a marked transversality of use between formal and more informal occasions.


Thanks to the durable softness over time, cashmere sweaters, skirts and outerwear are indeed able to accompany the style of men and women throughout the year, in the city as well as in leisure time, remaining a timeless passe-partout for refined and classic outfits. A lifestyle heritage that, despite the quality constancy guaranteed by domestic production, maintains an accessibility that is the child of the trans-seasonal versatility of its iconic garments.