The boat-neck sweater has established itself as a must-have item in men’s and women’s closets, suitable for multiple seasons.

Made from lightweight and breathable fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, this sweater proves perfect for spring. Egyptian cotton is a natural hypoallergenic fiber that provides remarkable comfort due to its temperature-regulating properties. The particularly dense weave also gives it good durability over time.


The women’s cotton jerseys with boat neckline combine fitness and style in an unparalleled way. The contoured cut enhances the silhouette while leaving the shoulders exposed, while the round neckline pattern elegantly emphasizes the neckline. These features make the hair suitable for a variety of occasions, from leisure time to a casual aperitif.


Pairing versatility plays a key role. Indeed, the Egyptian cotton knit can be sported on its own or paired in a variety of ways with skirts, pants and spring jackets. Its contemporary and timeless lifestyle makes it ideal for a functional and evergreen wardrobe. Thanks to the lightness and breathability of Egyptian cotton, combined with harmonious lines and great versatility, the boat-neck sweater establishes itself as a wild card to always have with you in spring.


Boatneck Knits: from Origins to Today

Boatneck knits originated in Scotland in the nineteenth century. Initially, they were handcrafted from cwool from sheep that lived on the shores of lakes and rivers. These sheep, because of the particular composition of their fleece, produced an extremely fine and soft wool known as cashmere.


Local women began weaving this fine wool into extremely fine knits, resulting in garments with a simple and essential line, characterized by a round neckline that left shoulders and part of the chest uncovered. The name “barchetta” would derive precisely from the similarity of the shape of the neckline to that of a small boat. These original knits of pure cashmere soon became popular among the English nobility, who appreciated their velvety texture and breathability.


In the twentieth century, the spread of the boat-neck knit expanded to an industrial level. The most prestigious cashmere maisons reworked its original pattern, making it more fashionable and declining it in various colors. Today the boat-neck sweater remains a classic of women’s wear, an emblem of discreet sophistication and sensuality. Made from fine yarns such as pure cashmere, it emphasizes the neckline with elegance, remaining suitable for multiple occasions of use. Its clean and essential lines have enabled it to transcend fashions while retaining a timeless appeal.


Cashmere boat-neck sweater: sensory, wearability and versatility that make it timeless

The boat-neck sweater garment made of cashmere fabric is distinguished by its distinctive sensory, ergonomic and multifunctional characteristics, which determine its timeless success.


From a tactile point of view, the cashmere used is of the highest quality, with an extra fine fiber diameter between 13-15 microns. This ensures a silky and velvety feel on contact with the skin, which is truly unique. Moreover, thanks to the exceptional thermoregulating ability of cashmere, the garment is comfortable to wear both in winter and spring.


In terms of fit, the special boat-neck knit cut is ergonomic, fitting harmoniously to the curves of the bust without tightening. The round neckline falls softly, enhancing the décolleté, while the three-quarter sleeves leave the shoulders uncovered, lending impetus to the figure.


The versatility of this cashmere fabric garment enhances its appeal. It can be worn alone during the day or paired in multiple ways, making it suitable for formal as well as informal occasions. Its clean and essential style has enabled it to become an ever-fashionable passe-partout. The unique sensory, ergonomic and multifaceted use characteristics of the boat-neck sweater in cashmere fabric explain its timelessness.

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